I have been coming to see Nickolai for 8 years. He is very skilled. I am an active sports person and assists in helping me maintain a very low injury level. I recommend Nickolai strongly for all massage requirements.

Customer: Carry

For the last two years, whenever possible, I have had a weekly sports massage with Natalya or Nick and continue to do so. I find it invaluable in aiding my recovery so I can maximize the benefit of training and I believe it enhances my performance in competitions.

Customer: Georgia Marris, swimmer

As a busy CEO, I have been visiting Nick for a therapeutic massage on a weekly basis for the past 5 years. I was first introduced to Nick with a problem of extreme soreness in my middle-upper back and tingling in my fingers. Nick was able to rectify the problem in a few sessions. This was remarkable in that for approximately 10 years, I have visited a number of healthcare professionals including chiropractors, osteopaths, muscular-skeletal specialists and acupuncturists, all to no avail. Just before visiting Nick for the first time, I was told by a doctor that due to my age, I should get used to pain and he wanted to prescribe Voltaren tablets for me. As a younger man, involved in rugby, weight-training and karate, I have experienced sport massage, but would highly recommend therapeutic massage for general well-being and stress relief. Thanks again, Nick, for your great service!

Customer: Stan Terry (CEO Atrax Group NZ Ltd)

After being based in New York for over 20 years, and having to travel extensively for work, the level of stress I endured, both physically and mentally, became excessive.
As a result, I often sought relief in the hands of an expert therapeutic massage specialist. Fortunate enough to travel often, I have visited hundreds of massage clinics and spas, sometimes with mediocre, mostly average and occasionally with quite good results. Finding a good massage therapist became a top priority at every new place I went.

And so I came across Nick, during my first visit in New Zealand about three years ago.  Referred to me by a dear friend, he came highly recommended – and with good reason! With excellent credentials, impeccable work ethic and in a clean and comfortable environment, Nick practices his craft with dedication and professionalism. All exemplary qualities and what anyone serious about an effective and satisfying session expects. But what really sets Nick apart is his uncanny ability to ‘sense’ intuitively where there is fatigue and stress. He will never ask you what area needs work, he will find it all on his own, the moment he places his strong steady hands on to your body. He zealously works at a sore muscle, until every knot is untied, often returning to a distressed area time and time again. He manages to massage every part of the body in an hour, no matter if he needs to concentrate more at a particular area – every time guaranteed! His passion for his craft and his ‘gift’ to detect troubled areas makes him a rare exception, in a crowed field of peers.

If you are serious about relieving your pain, aches and stress, look no further, as Nick is simply the best! As I am in the process of settling down here in Auckland, I look forward to my regular sessions in Nick’s able and healing hands. I leave his clinic feeling rejuvenated and alive, time after time. His consistency and desire to make a difference on his client’s wellbeing has markedly improved the quality of my life. And yours will too, if only you give him a chance.

Customer: Ralph

I have been going to Natalya from when I was eight weeks pregnant with my second child.  My second pregnancy and birth were noticeably easier and more comfortable and I attribute this to having regular massage. Natalya is a highly skilled and experienced in providing pregnancy massage and during my pregnancy I experienced no sciatic pain, cramp and pregnancy backache. I continue to go to Natalya and she has adapted her massage to take into account the muscles used frequently for caring for a young baby. Natalya is professional, non judgmental and kind. I would (and do) highly recommend her to anyone, particularly pregnant women.

Customer: Katie

I came to see Nikolai after suffering with a stomach hernia for 3 years. I had been on medication but it continued to give me severe heartburn and stomach problems daily. This was a big hindrance to me living a happy healthy life.
I have been seeing Nikolai regularly for the past 2 months for intensive organ massage sessions. Along with the massage I started to work on exercising my stomach muscles to build strength, took Veramox for ringworm began drinking baking soda in warm water morning and night to create a better healing environment internally.
After a few weeks I started to get some relief from my hernia and noticed changes in my stomach. 
I feel way on the road to recovery with the chance to lead and healthier, pain-free life.There has been noticeable progress throughout this time, which has been very positive.
I would recommend to anyone suffering from a stomach hernia to consider this type of treatment.

Customer: Soufiane